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Experience, Leadership, and Work Ethic Matter!

Leadership is defined by results.
Stearns County cannot afford a less effective leader!




Domestic violence prosecution

Cyber crime and identity theft

Drug crimes and drug courts

Mandated reporting of child abuse

Anti-bullying in schools


Dear Stearns County Voter,

My name is Janelle Kendall, and I am the Stearns County Attorney.

The Stearns County Attorney is the chief felony prosecutor, the attorney who handles child protection cases in court, and the head of the law firm that represents all county departments. The Stearns County Attorney prosecutes homicides, criminal sexual conduct, repeat domestic abusers, and human traffickers. This office is the largest supplier of work to the Stearns County courts, and responsible for ensuring the court system works as well as it can and should.

That’s why who has the job matters. A lot.

Leadership – and just as importantly – measurable results – are what you should get for the cost of your government. You get to decide who the Chief Felony Prosecutor is – you’ll want one that has experience, proven results as a hard working prosecutor, and who’s looking for innovation, cost savings, and crime reduction at every opportunity. Simply stated – this community cannot afford a less effective leader. You need someone who will look ahead, get bad guys, protect kids, collect child support, and prove that it’s being done well, right, and on time.

You’ve had that leader for 16 years. My name is Janelle Kendall, and I am the Stearns County Attorney.

Simply put, the job of the Stearns County Attorney is not for the faint of heart, the tentative, or someone just looking for a paycheck. This is serious business calling for experienced leadership with the community’s perspective at the forefront. It calls for someone involved with, a part of, and listening to the community. It calls for someone who knows what the job entails, how government works, and how to change things to make them work better.

I ask for your vote to keep leading this office to do exactly that – protect public safety, solve problems, and work hard every single day to make sure that’s done right and on time. Thank you for the public support we’ve had as we head into this election year. I’m glad so many of you are paying attention – because who’s doing this job absolutely matters, and I hope the results I’ve accomplished so far have earned me the privilege of continuing this critical work for the next four years.

Thank you for your support and the opportunity to work hard for all of you!